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Traveling with a van has been the main form of travel for me since 2012. After some 300 nights spend in a van, the idea came to transfer the camping and building expertise to a part time business. 

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mikko suomalainen


I rent campervans that are fully handmade by me. 

Even if they are old, these vans are some of the most reliable models available,

and they go through service and a mechanical inspection every year.
You can expect carefree travel with my campervans!

Mikko's hunger for building started at a young age with skateramps, moved on to filmmaking equipment, and later in to a house and campervans.

A good travel gives the best inspiration to get hands dirty again, with any of the mentioned building habits.


Freecamping in Finland is one of the easiest tasks to do.
It's absolutely legal to freecamp anywhere where it's legal to park the vehicle.

I have made a guidebook for wild camping you can download here:

Off the grid

Our vehicles are designed to travel off the grid. You need to fill up water of course, but otherwise you can camp anywhere you like and never visit a campground. You'll get plenty of electricity from the solar panels for your needs.

Travel year around

The Toyota and Renault are equipped with a powerful Planar diesel-heater and are fully insulated. You can travel comfortable year around. Read more about winter camping from the PDF-guide.

Go anywhere you like

With our cars you are allowed to go anywhere within the limits of Europe, excluding Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.